Part of my practice involves the use of the online filing tool File & ServeExpress.  Recently, the service posted the above screenshot advising users of changes to the platform and advising what web browsers will work going forward.  Internet Explorer 10 is listed as a compatible browser, with some adjustments.

This morning, however, I attempted to log in and found that IE 10 would not access File & ServeExpress.  Thankfully, the service provided good instructions for how to resolve the issue.  Here are some screen shots for how I got it working for me again.  You might have to use different security standards based on the sites you need access to.  If in doubt, contact your IT department.

Step One: Internet Explorer | Tools | Internet Options

ie tools options

In Internet Explorer, choose Tools | Internet Options from the menu bar.








Step Two: Select Advance Options | Scroll to Security

ie tools advanced securityNow, click on “Advanced” and scroll through the list until you see the “Security” options.



Step Three: Choose TLS 1.1 or Higher

ie tools ssl optionsYou can see the options to select, relating to both SSL and TLS.  File & Serve Express requires TLS 1.1 or higher so choose accordingly and test to see if it works.



Additional Options

You can also use an alternative web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox.  Though not listed, I have had no issues using Safari to access File & ServeXpress.


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