iPhone 7 in your future?

There were lots of items discussed at today’s Apple event. Two big items are the new iPhone and a new Watch. The new iPhone has no headphone jack, a super fast processor, and improved camera options. Oh, and Apple no longer offers the 16GB option. Isn’t it amazing that 16GB is not enough space anymore?

While there are numerous articles out there, this article has a good summary of the announcements and is a quick read. 
What about you? Are you planning to upgrade? I have a 6 Plus and I’m on the fence. My wife has a 6S and the camera is great. My deciding factor may be the camera and upgrading the amount of storage I have available. 

And the incredibly fast professor. 

And the new color options. 

Or, the $160 AirPods.

As always, Apple is good at creating excitement around its new product offering. It will be interesting to see how these new offerings bolster Apple’s product line. 

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