Several years ago, my wife and I tried Amazon Prime. At the time, we didn’t really take advantage of all we were paying for and ended up cancelling the service without really testing it out.

Fast forward a few years. Our third child was born. With the kids now spanning ages 0-11 and an eight year gap between the baby and the next oldest, time has become an even more precious commodity. As a result, we decided to try Prime again. So far, we’ve been really glad we did.

One of the features of a Prime membership is Prime Music. We access the service through either the web or our iPhones. Like most streaming services, you will find that some things you want to listen to are not available, but I’ve found that most newer music is available.

What I like is that app acts as the music player and keeps things organized. I don’t have to sync music to the device or use up storage space on my device, which is largely comprised of photos.

I also like that I can use Prime Music as part of my overall Prime subscription and don’t have to pay another charge. I don’t know that we would subscribe just for the music offerings, but since that service wasn’t the primary reason we subscribed to Amazon Prime, it works for us. The other benefits of Prime are worth it so far. More on that in the future.

If you are interested, check it out here:

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