Online billing and e-invoicing options for lawyers

In a recent The Indiana Lawyer article, I provided a brief overview of some online billing and e-invoicing options for lawyers and firms. This article supplemented a CLE presentation I gave recently. If you want, you can watch my slides from that presentation.

Lawyers often leave legitimate time worked for clients on the table. The reason? They fail to capture their time contemporaneous with the activity. Mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, and the like) now have apps which help the lawyer record their time and expenses while out of the office. This ability should help lawyers capture time more effectively and free up time to focus on what’s most important. These online billing and invoicing options are easier than ever to get set up and use.

My goal is always to automate the administrative parts of my practice so I can provide high value to my clients. Capturing time on the go is one step closer to that goal.


Article Snippet

From the article:

The ability to track time while on the go and easily bill for that time is a dream come true for lawyers. Many traditional options are not fun to use, have limited ability to do reporting (without specialized consultants), and have a high learning curve. These newer solutions are focused on data analysis and help you focus on getting the most out of your time, allowing you to see where your time (and money) are being used and adjust appropriately.

If you aren’t convinced, take one case that you can spend a little extra time on (or use a pro bono case for this). Sign up for trials of one or more of these tools and see how it works for that case. Using Clio and other web-based tools makes practicing law and even billing time more enjoyable, allowing some mental freedom to focus on what really matters most in our practices and lives.

Read more at The Indiana Lawyer.

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