Welcome to the first edition of Tech Tip Tuesday!

In this first edition of Tech Tip Tuesday (T3), I’ll walk you through how to change from single space to double space in Microsoft Word.

Using the Mouse

Find the “Paragraph” section of the Microsoft Word ribbon. Look for the icon shown in the below photo. Left-click with your mouse. Word shows you several options for line spacing. Click “2.0” for double-spacing. You can now type with double-spaced text.

Word Tip - Mouse - Single Space








Word - Double Space








Alternatively, you can select the lines of text you want double-spaced and then follow the steps above.

Using the Keyboard

It is much faster to use keyboard shortcuts to change from single space to double space (or vice versa). Place the cursor in the text you want to make single or double spaced. Press “CTRL 1” (the control key and the 1 key at the same time) for single spacing. Press “CTRL 2” for double spacing. That’s it.
















Note, by putting your cursor in the text, you are only changing that paragraph of text. Try it. Add two paragraphs of text to your Word document. Make both paragraphs single spaced using the instructions above.

Now, place your cursor somewhere in the first paragraph. Press CTRL 2. Note how pressing CTRL 2 only changes the first paragraph to double spaced. This is how Word handles formatting (more on that in another post).

If you want to change multiple paragraphs at the same time, select the paragraphs you want to change with your mouse and then choose the appropriate shortcut key or menu button.

How do you change from single to double spaced using Microsoft Word?

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