The Issue: You cannot get Word to format the way you want

Have you ever felt like just typing an entire Word document over again, because you just couldn’t get Word to format your document they way you want? Have you ever received a document from someone that you need to edit and you cannot get the fonts or spacing to match? What about copying/pasting from one source into a Word document, only to find that the result was not what you anticipated?

This Tech Tip Tuesday will show you how to clear the formatting in Word so you can format documents more effectively.

The Solution: Push The Clear Formatting Button

This is one of those computer solutions that really is as simple as pushing a button. There are two steps.

  1. Select the offending text
    (Offending text)
    Offending Text




(selected offending text)
Word Selected Text



  1. Click the “Clear Formatting” Button
    Word Clear Formatting Button




The formatting is returned to normal.
Word Not Formatted Text







Bonus tip: If you want to remove the formatting from an entire document, simply press the keys “CTRL A” (to select all) and then press the “Clear Formatting” button. Note: if you use this trick, you will have to re-format the entire document, so be judicious.

The Payoff

A cleanly formatted document ready for your formatting.

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