I’ve had the 4, 5, and now the “6 Plus” versions of the iPhone. Each phone gets better, faster, and bigger. The 6+ is huge when you first use it. After a few weeks of use, makes the iPhone 5 seem tiny when I pick it up. My top three features of the iPhone 6 Plus so far are: the screen, the battery, and the camera.

The Screen

The screen of the 6 Plus is larger than the entire iPhone 5. The resolution and size of the screen is makes reading feasible for me for longer periods of time, using apps like Pocket. Emails, web sites, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and pictures all look great on the screen.

The Battery

I have not done any formal testing to check Apple’s battery performance claims. In normal use (for me), I have noticed that I can charge the phone overnight, use it all day the next day, not charge it, and then use it until the end of the next day with approximately 20% battery remaining. Normal use for me is managing email, checking in on social media, watching a few short videos on YouTube, and using the camera. Oh yeah, I will also make and take some phone calls. The battery is strong.

The Camera

The camera takes great pictures (see the photo above). I’m not much of a photographer, but the shots I have taken look better than they did on the 5. I use it to take photos of the kids, things around the house, and occasionally for work. There are details about the camera available on Apple’s website. It’s impressive.

Thoughts on the Size

I know some folks who do not like the larger form factor. It is hard to handle with one hand. I have found that it fits well in my pocket, mainly because it is so thin. I have the leather case from Apple and it does not add much to the size of the phone.

Personally, I have trouble typing on the screen when the phone is in landscape (tilted sideways), but because there is so much space in portrait (upright) mode, I just use that keyboard (or dictate). It is comfortable to hold with one hand and read.

For phone calls, I generally use the headphones that come with it when I’m on the phone because it is large to keep up next to your ear. But, I did that before with my other iPhones. If you often use it like a traditional phone, you may not like the increased size.

For me, the iPhone is a tool. I try to use it to help me be more productive. I like the increased screen size as it allows me to do more of my reading and social media sharing without needing a larger device. I can read PDFs easily without pinching and zooming. I can also read my presenter notes for Keynote due to split screen capabilities on the 6 Plus.

If you are having trouble deciding between the 6 and 6 Plus, I would go to the store and handle the 6 Plus to see how it fits in your hand. I like it and will be keeping it.

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