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Recently, I’ve been using OmniFocus 2 as my primary task and project manager. Omni Group pushed out an update for the OmniFocus 2 for iPhone app last week.

What I like best about OmniFocus 2 (which I use on Mac (OmniFocus 2 for Mac) and iPad (OmniFocus 2 for iPad)), is that it allows me to have projects within projects.

For example, I have a master Project for each Matter or case I’m handling. Then, within that Project, I can have a sub-project with tasks under that sub-project.

Many task managers only allow a project with tasks underneath. In my practice, matters always have various “projects” going on at any one time. It is nice to be able to focus in on one of those sub-projects at a time.

Here are some screen shots to demonstrate what I’m talking about:

01 project with subs




Project with actions and sub-projects.


02 single tasks








03 subproject with tasks








My office uses Windows, but because the Reminders app on my iDevices can sync with Microsoft Exchange, OmniFocus is able to grab those tasks from Reminders. I know, I sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

The process is simple: add a task in Outlook. That task syncs to the iDevice (iPhone/iPad) through the Reminders app. OmniFocus talks to the Reminders app automatically and pulls that task into the OmniFocus inbox. Pretty slick.

Of all the task management apps I have tried, OmniFocus 2 is the best for my purposes.  It has a robust feature-set and can be customized to work for you.  There are also some excellent resources available to help you learn the program.

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