Recently, I started a post with a list of some of the apps I’m currently testing and some that are on my wish list. You can visit the list here. This post will show you how I create that list.

I often read about an app I might be interested in, but don’t want to purchase without further research. In today’s Tech Tip Tuesday, I will show you how to add an app to a wish list using your iPhone or iPad.

Open the App Store









Browse for the App

In this example, I’m searching for the Paprika iPhone app.

When I browse to the app, you will see the share button (circled in red). Tap the share button to see some options.  (Incidentally, this button is available in many places in iOS).










Next, the share sheet will open and you can see there is an option to “Add to Wish List.”









Check the Wish List

Now, tap the List button, circled below, to see your wish list items.



















Wish list for the Wish list

It would be nice to be able to share the app directly from the wish list screen. This would come in handy if someone is looking to gift you an app. You can purchase directly from the wish list or you can tap on the app icon to return to the main page for the app and share from that page. Not a big inconvenience overall.

Also, it would be nice to be able to rearrange the wish list. I would like to put the “next app up” so when I have a new gift card or extra funds, I can purchase the top item.

How I use the Wish List

I do a lot of reading through RSS feeds and on my iPhone (email, Facebook, Twitter). When someone links to an app I’m interested in, but not ready to research or purchase, I add that to my wish list. When I have some down time, I can browse to my wish list without getting distracted by the top charts in the App Store. The wish list helps me stay focused on tools I think will help me be more productive.

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