Every once in a while, you come across a piece of software that just works.  I’ve tried many methods of money management over the years, including Microsoft Money, custom Excel spreadsheets, the envelope system, and Goodbudget.  Each method or software seemed to be missing one piece of the puzzle.  What I wanted was something that worked like an envelope system, but allowed me to use my debit card for most of my transactions.

After some research and talking to friends, I decided to give YNAB a try (short for “You Need A Budget”).  YNAB is cross-platform and really works well for my family’s needs.  My wife and I can enter our transactions while on the go through the iPhone apps and the desktop app is great for getting the big picture on our finances.

YNAB handles budgeting, replaced my paper checkbook register, and allows you to balance bank statements within the desktop app.  I’m pretty much a manual entry person, so I don’t use the import functions from my bank, but that’s possible if that’s your thing.

Probably the best thing about YNAB is the community behind it.  There are great tutorials and classes devoted to teaching more about how to use YNAB.

I also like that you can buy it once and don’t have to keep paying a subscription fee.  In fact, if you use this referral link, you can save $6.00 on the purchase and I get $6.00 for referring you to YNAB.

I only recommend programs that I think will make a difference for you.  If you’ve struggled to find a good method of budgeting and tracking your finances, give YNAB a try.  Let me know what you think.


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