Investigating the rise of the standing desk

I started researching standing desks after reading this post from Michael Hyatt.  I spend a lot of hours behind a desk or a table in my job and want to ensure that I’m being as healthy as I can while working.  While I am fairly active, I still spend a good portion of my day seated in a chair, staring at computer monitors.

The opportunity to try out a standing desk arrived this year when my firm added a new associate.  We rearranged some offices and I gave my existing desk to a new office we created.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been sitting behind a plastic folding table while I eagerly await the arrival of my corner desk right Ikea Bekant Standing Desk.  (Here’s a YouTube review of the left corner version of the desk.)  The wait is over today, as the desk is supposed to arrive this afternoon.  I’m hoping that my new set up with help my productivity and energy levels.

I’ll post a video review of the desk once I get it in the office and assembled.  I also ordered this Ikea Bekant sit-down desk for those times when I need to spread out a file and work from a seated position.

Office Before

Here is a picture of the space where the standing desk will go.
02 office







I have the below monitor stands for my older version of these 22″ Acer G226HQL Bbd 21.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Display monitors.

Here is the current placement of my stylish folding table desk.  I’m not sure yet where I’m going to place the Ikea Bekant sit-down desk desk. I’ll know more once I have them assembled and in place.

01 office

Office After (Coming Soon)

Stay tuned and I’ll post some photos and a video review of the updated space, once I have everything together and have had the chance to test the set up for a few days.

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