Using TeamSnap for Team Management

Team Management Software

Do you coach your kids’ sports team? It’s a great way to spend time with your kids. Unfortunately, the reality is volunteering to coach is more like volunteering to be the general manager or athletic director. Contacting parents with rain delays and cancellations, updating schedules, game and practice locations, it can be a lot of administrative work.

Thankfully, technology can help redeem some of that time. Enter TeamSnap. TeamSnap is an app that helps you “Save Time Communicating With Your Team.” Someone suggested the app to us at a coaches meeting and it is great. Plus, it’s free (for limited plans).

It does take some time at the beginning of the season to input your team’s information (names and contact information, player information, game and practice schedules). But, once that’s done, communicating and adjusting last minute changes is very simple.

You can either use the website or the app to manage the team. Probably my favorite feature is the ability to subscribe to the calendar created by the app and have all the season’s events automatically to my calendar. Any changes made in the app reflect on the calendar. Nice.

There are some “premium” features if you need, but the free version is far superior to creating making new contacts, creating email distribution lists, duplicating calendar entries, and the like. Check it out or let us know your favorite team management app in the comments.

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